Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility Code



At Sunshades Eyewear, we have built our fundamental core business values around hard work, a fearless approach to design, and dedication to building relationships with all stakeholders across every aspect of the global eyewear market.

This means supplying our national and international customers sunglasses that are functional, high quality and compliant with relevant safety standards & other applicable legislation.
The implementation of specific social and environmental compliance protocols have been initiated due to Sunshades Eyewear’s concerns for conditions for workers in factories, recent human tragedies in developing manufacturing regions, and environmental degradation.

These protocols have been established & implemented to ensure that the workforce engaged in the manufacture of consumer goods around the world are employed in accordance with humane, ethical and moral standards that avoid exploitation and / or abuse.

In order to address these concerns Sunshades Eyewear has published its Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility Code (the Code) to ensure the:

– Sourcing of responsibly manufactured products
– Cooperation with vendors to monitor social and environmental practices,
– Provision of clear and comprehensive guidelines to product development & sourcing staff,
– Operation as a responsible corporate citizen

The Sunshades Eyewear Commitment


It is our ongoing goal at Sunshades Eyewear to be admired for our brands, designs and uniquely fun yet professional approach to doing business, with a commitment to being good global citizens.
We stand strong in our philosophy of always being able to “look at ourselves in the mirror and know that we have been decent, honest and caring people”.

This together with our drive to give back to our local and international community, such as working with various charitable organisations and making sunglass and optical frame donations to developing nations makes us very proud and committed supporters of our social and ethical responsibilities.


In accordance with the expectations of our wholesale & retail customers and the end users of Sunshades Eyewear, we make every attempt to:

– Maintain a reputation for high moral, ethical and legal standards in the way we conduct our business dealings
– Operate as a world best practice business
– Anticipate the demands of the market in order to maintain a smooth source of supply to our customers

Sunshades in the Community


Sunshades Eyewear believe in giving back to the community by devoting time, energy and generosity every year to worthy and established organisations. The efforts and kindness of every Sunshades staff member helps gain awareness and raise funds to support cancer patients and their families.


Annual charity staff events include: